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Clarity, Confidence & Commitment to LiveStreaming & Podcasting

Stories bring us together. We feel heard, understood and appreciated when a story resonates with our personal perceptions and experiences.

I am a personal development life coach, livestream and podcast coach/consultant, wife, mom, daughter, business partner, and friend. In this podcast, I share my life stories and insights to connect with you and hope you will reach back to engage with me.

Everyone has a story and your story matters! Allow me to help you create your own podcast so you can share your message with the world. You can go from idea to published podcaster in just a few days.

All fun – no stress! Contact AGK Media at 505-750-2744 or write to me at MessagesandMethods@gmail.com.

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5 Steps to Strengthen Your Creativity Muscle

https://anchor.fm/s/724a728/podcast/rss Summary Creativity is just like a muscle, if you want it to become stronger and more responsive, you’ve got to exercise it. Creating content for your marketing strategy is a weekly, and sometimes daily struggle. It’s especially difficult for the encore entrepreneur who has established patterns and systems that need updating for an onlineContinue reading “5 Steps to Strengthen Your Creativity Muscle”


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